The first book specially created to be read by two :
"Accomplices of Little Thumb"

A book to be read by two

Our book is distinguished by its principle of reading in pairs face to face.
Brother an sister, father and son, grandmother and children
This book is for everyone. 

A book in which you're the hero

 In this book you’ll become masters of the hero's destiny ! Together be ready to make choices that will define how the story continues.
The end of the story is up to you!  

A book to discover tales from around the world

In this book, you will discover the different versions of the same tale. These versions come from all over the world, Asia, Africa... An amusing way to rediscover a tale you already know.

Accomplices of...

Accomplices of Little Thumb, our new book, is not a random book.
It’s a book which is experienced with a partner, together.
It’s a book to read with four hands, with four eyes, in pairs !
Because together we live an adventure, we become partners and we share a fun moment, together we are stronger.

Our book can be read by children aged 8 years and older. 

How does it work


Imagine you find the first book ‘Complice of Tom thumb’ in the library… First of all you find a partner of course!


Now, face each other and open the book in between the two of you. Here the adventure begins!



The two readers speak one after the other according to the orientation of the text. They exchange speaking time to build the story.


Choices will punctuate the adventure of the two readers. Together they will have to decide what the Little Thumb does until the end of his adventure.

What this book can offer you

  1. READ OUT LOUD - Reading out loud is very important in a child's life. But often, it is poorly experienced. Our book helps to reconnect with the experience of reading out loud and make it a fun experience. 
  2. BE TOGETHER - Reading is normally a solitary activity. Not with our book. Children can finally read while having a good time with the people they love.
  3. REDISCOVER TALES - Tales exist all over the world. And yet, we only know our country's versions. Our book allows children to discover versions of stories they have never heard before. 

Who are we


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